With unique and stylish design concept and 15+ years traditional handicraft experience, TOPACC is committed to create mid-to-high-end fashion accessories, to make you feel confident, elegant, charming, and utterly gorgeous. TOP QUALITY, TOP SERVICE, TOP CREATION is our motto.

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Measuring Waist Circumference

Tools and Materials:

  1. A tape measure or soft measuring tape.
  2. A full-length mirror.
  3. The pants or skirt you typically wear with a belt.


  1. Preparation: Find a well-lit room where you can see yourself clearly, and make sure your pants or skirt are comfortable and fit you as you would typically wear them with a belt.
  2. Prepare Your Measuring Tools: Retrieve your tape measure or soft measuring tape and ensure it's not twisted or kinked.
  3. Stand Straight: Stand in front of a full-length mirror, ensuring that your body is upright without any bending. You can keep your feet together or slightly apart, depending on your comfort.
  4. Locate the Measuring Point: Wrap the tape measure or soft measuring tape snugly around the narrowest part of your waist, typically about one inch (2.54 centimeters) above your navel. Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and not too tight or too loose.
  5. Measure: Keep the tape measure or soft measuring tape close to your body and gently measure the circumference of your waist. Ensure that you're not inhaling or holding your breath, maintaining normal breathing.
  6. Record the Size: Record the waist size you have measured. Usually, you will get a measurement in inches or centimeters.
  7. Confirm the Measurement: Repeat the measurement once to ensure accuracy. If the two measurements are close, you can trust the size you've obtained.
  8. Shopping: Now, you can use the measured waist size to choose the appropriate belt size. Typically, belt sizes are referenced to waist measurements, but you may also need to consider the style and design of the belt to ensure it suits your needs.

Please note that different brands and styles of belts may have slightly different size standards, so it's advisable to check specific size guides and brand recommendations before making a purchase. I hope this method helps you accurately measure your waist size, enabling you to find the most suitable belt on the belt website.

TOPACC Longhorn Skull
TOPACC Longhorn Skull
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Moose Set
Moose Set
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Western Cowboy Keychain
Western Cowboy Keychain
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Hidden Ring
Hidden Ring
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TOPACC Buckle with Block
TOPACC Buckle with Block
Sale price$28.98
Square Buckle with block
Square Buckle with block
Sale price$25.98

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With unique and stylish design concept and 15+ years traditional handicraft experience, TOPACC is committed to create mid-to-high-end fashion accessories, to make you feel confident, elegant, charming, and utterly gorgeous. TOP QUALITY, TOP SERVICE, TOP CREATION is our motto.

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With a unique and stylish design concept and over 15 years of traditional handicraft experience, TOPACC is dedicated to crafting mid-to-high-end fashion accessories that make you feel confident, elegant, charming, and absolutely gorgeous. "TOP QUALITY, TOP SERVICE, TOP CREATION" is not just a slogan for us; it's our daily mantra and a relentless commitment to excellence.

At TOPACC, we don't just offer fashion accessories; we convey a way of life and style. Our design team continuously draws inspiration, blending innovation with tradition to present you with one-of-a-kind pieces. We firmly believe that fashion is not just about appearances; it's a means of self-expression. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, TOPACC accessories enhance your image, ensuring you radiate confidence and allure.

In addition to unique design, we prioritize quality. We select high-quality materials and pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure each product meets top-tier standards. We seek not only aesthetics but also comfort and durability because true quality should withstand the test of time.

Furthermore, our customer service team always has your best interests in mind, providing you with the most attentive assistance and advice. Whether you have questions about our products or special requests, we go the extra mile to meet your needs. We aim for every customer to experience TOPACC's top-notch service, as your satisfaction is our utmost pursuit.

Finally, we will continue to uphold the principles of "TOP QUALITY, TOP SERVICE, TOP CREATION," striving for ongoing innovation and improvement to bring you more delightful fashion accessories. Thank you for choosing TOPACC, and here's to an even more exciting future together.

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